Biotin, The Perfect Complement To Strengthen Our Hair

Biotin, The Perfect Complement To Strengthen Our Hair

The hair is part of our image and reflects health and well-being, that is why it is so important to take care of it. But hair loss is a problem that affects a large part of the world population. So, one of the most popular solutions is usually hair biotin products. In this article we will see why this miracle vitamin is famous.

Biotin’s fame

Biotin is an essential vitamin, also known as vitamin B7. It is a necessary micronutrient for the body to function at full capacity. Its main function is metabolic and helps transform food into energy, stimulating the growth of certain tissues.

The aesthetic application of biotin to the hair can be with the consumption of foods that contain it, vitamin supplements, or with hair products enriched with this nutrient.

Symptoms of a biotin deficiency are usually weak hair and dry skin. In these cases, consult a specialist to identify the problem and recommend the treatment to follow.

Foods containing biotin

Having a balanced diet will allow us to obtain all the necessary vitamins since many foods for daily consumption contain the essential micronutrients for the skin and hair.

Foods with a high content of biotin are: Egg yolk, Oats, Whole Grains, White Mushrooms, Spinach, Cauliflower, Banana and Nuts.

Can you fight alopecia with biotin?

Although biotin is recommended to improve the appearance of your hair and make it grow healthier, this vitamin is not a miracle cure against alopecia.

In cases of androgenic baldness, the hair follicle is attacked by different factors that gradually weaken it until it is unable to produce new hair again. In these situations, the best way to definitively treat alopecia is to resort to a hair graft, which takes healthy follicular units and transfers them to the areas affected by baldness.

Biotin for hair after a hair transplant

The effectiveness of biotin for hair growth plays an important role during the recovery of a hair transplant, guaranteeing healthier and stronger roots.

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