Dental Surgery

Dental Surgery


Dental aesthetics is an area that is frequently used to create a rejuvenating effect on the face recently. With today’s technology, you can have a beautiful smile accompanied by white teeth painlessly and without the need for surgery. Having a healthier and more positive impact on your life is possible with one or more operations in the field of dental aesthetics. We know that you want to have a smile that is specially designed for you with a professional intervention, that suits your face best and that you like. You can find some of these dental treatments in the following topics, and you can contact our sales team for consultation and free online examination.


When it comes to dental aesthetics, the first thing that comes to mind is a natural smile, rowed and pearly white teeth. This operation is often preferred by people whose teeth have faded over time for various reasons or whose teeth are naturally close to yellow tones. Especially for people who have teeth color tones naturally close to yellow, it’s not possible to use different methods like brushing to avoid this appearance. The most efficient and permanent way to remove the yellowness of the teeth is the teeth whitening method performed by dentists using some chemicals on the tooth surface. This very popular teeth whitening method does not require any surgery and is not a painful procedure.


A very important condition for an aesthetic smile is if the teeth are aligned and straight. Porcelain laminate application is often recommended by dentists to remove fractures, stains and deformations that may occur on the teeth. Just like other operations, this operation is designed specifically for the patient and under no circumstances is the person’s own tooth damaged during the operation. Although the material used in this process is thin, it is one of the most demanded processes thanks to its robustness. We can apply this operation with the following cases:

  • If a person has an impaired tooth structure,
  • Equalizing the lengths of teeth with differences in length,
  • If a person is not satisfied with their tooth color,
  • If the space between the teeth is more than it should be,
  • If a person is not satisfied with their tooth structure,
  • For caries on the front incisors,
  • If  teeth whitening does not give the desired color.


When we talk about aesthetic smile, it is important that the gums of the person have a healthy appearance as well as their teeth. Gums that seen more than it should be while smiling may cause an aesthetic concern in people. It is very easy to change this not aesthetically pleasing situation. This aesthetic operation we recommend is performed with laser applications of the new era and the general process is quite short and easy. Thanks to this intervention, we can easily prevent the unwanted gingival appearance that occurs while smiling.


Implants are replacements of one or more lost teeth by a tooth-like structure identical to the tooth’s own form. After the application, there will be no artificial appearance on the implanted tooth. Implant treated teeth look very natural, healthy and in harmony with other teeth. This prosthesis usually needs to be used together with a zirconium coating. Implant treatment is a reliable application that helps to maintain the integrity of the teeth while replacing the lost teeth and giving it an aesthetic appearance.


Composite Bonding is one of the easiest methods that can be preferred in solving some problems such as deformation and caries in the teeth that we do not want to appear while smiling. In this process, composite filling is made directly on the teeth of the person without the need for any other material. The fact that the application is simple and uncomplicated is one of the reasons to prefer this method.

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