Dentist is the person who finds solution, diagnosis and treatment for all problems related to teeth, gums and oral health of patients. Apart from treatments such as treating dental caries, they also apply treatments such as zirconium crown and implants.

What Qualities Should a Good Dentist Have?

It is not easy for patients to find a good dentist in oral and dental health treatment. One of the reasons for this is the fear of the dentist. However, nowadays, pain and painless  procedures can be done easily with modern methods. During the treatment phase, patient, tolerant and concerned physicians always create a more relaxing situation for the patient. So, what qualities should a good dentist have?

  • As in all fields, dentists should follow professional developments and updates and apply treatment methods according to these updates.
  • He should show the same attitude and treat each patient equally.
  • Dentists must be good at human relations so that they do not get stressed out in dental clinics where patients go with fear.
  • It is very important to have sufficient knowledge and practical experience in the field.

Treatment Methods Applied by the Dentist

Today, with the development of health technologies, dental treatment methods have changed so much. In particular, dental treatments are now painlessly completed thanks to narcotic sprays. Day by day, dentists’ clinics are visited not only for therapeutic purposes but also for aesthetic purposes.

  • Examination and imaging: It is a pre-treatment planning, also known as oral diagnosis and radiology. Diagnosis and treatment are problems by imaging with radiological and digital imaging tools.
  • Oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery: Includes surgical procedures such as impacted teeth, wisdom tooth surgeries and cyst operations.
  • Conservative dental treatment: The treatment method, also known as composite filling, is used in many treatment methods. Tooth fractures, discoloration of teeth and spaces between teeth are treated.
  • Endodontics: Endodontics, also known as root canal treatment, is a method used in caries treatment. The treatment is carried out by removing the nerves inside the tooth, disinfecting the cavity and filling the canals with filling.
  • Prosthetic dental treatment: It is a treatment method performed using crowns, bridges and removable prostheses. Crown treatment is preferred, especially in tooth loss that cannot be treated with filling.
  • Pedodontics: The treatment method known as child oral and dental health solves the problems of children between the ages of 3 and 12. It not only aims to provide information about treatment methods, but also about oral and dental health.
  • Orthodontics: It treats occlusion disorder due to irregular crooked teeth and teeth in the jaw. During the treatment, the use of braces and transparent plaques are used.
  • Periodontology: It is the department where the treatment of gum diseases is applied. You can easily prevent periodontal diseases with routine tooth brushing, flossing and regular cleaning by your dentist.
  • Implant applications: It is the process of placing biologically compatible titanium screws into the jawbone such as the tooth root with an operation.


Zirconium Dental Veneers

Zirconium crown, which is a white coating material, is specially processed in ovens and used in dental treatment. It is often preferred because of its durability. In addition to being durable, it also has a very aesthetic texture. This veneer method, which is suitable for oral health, prevents gum problems. It does not change color with the consumption of staining food and beverage such as tea and coffee.

On Which Teeth Is Zirconium Veneer Used?

This coating treatment is applied to individuals who have completed their developmental period and are adults. Therefore, this treatment method is suitable for people after the age of 18. So, in which cases is this treatment preferred?

  • It is used to whiten teeth in teeth that cannot be whitened with conventional teeth whitening methods.
  • It is preferred in the treatment of people who do not want to have laminate.
  • In the treatment of crooked teeth, people may prefer zirconium crown instead of orthodontic treatment.
  • It is applied in the treatment of split teeth.
  • It is used in teeth with loss of tooth tissue and large fillings.

Zirconium Coating Advantages

Coating methods offer very satisfactory results not only in terms of health but also in terms of aesthetics.

  • Thanks to its structure and content, it does not cause any color change in the gums,
  • Thanks to its light-permeable structure, it returns your teeth to their old appearance and most natural state.
  • It has a long-term use if it is regularly maintained.
  • It adapts to the gums.
  • Does not cause hot and cold sensitivity.
  • Processes such as tooth stains and discoloration of teeth do not occur.
  • It does not cause bad breath.

What is the Life of Zirconium Veneers?

The life of the zirconium coating treatment, which is one of the most frequently used treatment methods, varies according to the use of people. But the average lifespan is between 5 and 15 years. In cases where maintenance is not neglected and care is taken, there is a possibility that this process may take up to 20 years. Crowns made using zirconium do not rot if necessary cleaning and maintenance is done.


What is Emax Dental Veneer?

It is a veneer treatment method made of ceramic material, used to give patients a realistic and natural tooth appearance. Emax veneer, which is suitable for the human body and oral health, is very long-lasting. It is not a treatment or healing method. It is a procedure that is done with purely aesthetic concerns and is frequently preferred due to its natural appearance. Its structure is made of thin material and thus provides ease of use. It is not recommended for use on posterior teeth due to its thin material. It is generally preferred in anterior teeth, single and few tooth loss.

In Which Situations Is Emax Coating Applied?

This veneer method, which is very suitable for oral and dental health and preferred due to aesthetic concerns, is often preferred because it is close to the natural tooth appearance.

  • Yellow teeth: Emax veneer can be applied due to color changes on tooth surfaces. It provides people with white teeth with its long-term use and its structure close to my natural tooth appearance.
  • Curved teeth: In terms of aesthetics, the structure of the teeth, especially in the front, is important. With this veneer method, smooth and aesthetic teeth can be obtained in a short time.
  • Broken teeth: Teeth that have been broken due to accidents, trauma and dental caries are restored with veneer treatment.

How is Emax Veneer Made?

It is the same process as a conventional dental veneer treatment. This coating process is generally preferred in cases such as anterior tooth fractures and separation of teeth. The process begins by taking the size of the teeth. The measured teeth are modeled in the laboratory environment. If there is no problem after the rehearsal, the coatings are fixed and start to be used. It has a short and painless procedure.

Emax Veneer Cleaning

After veneer, it is usually necessary to use an antiseptic liquid recommended for cleaning. Hygiene and cleaning are very important in terms of the life and use of the coating. Apart from all these, teeth should be brushed twice a day, floss should be used and mouthwash should be done as in the daily teeth cleaning routine.

Advantages of Emax Veneer Treatment

Many treatment methods are used for oral health. One of them is Emax veneer. So, what are the advantages of this treatment?

  • It has a very aesthetic appearance and does not cause any allergic, gingival problems and discoloration since it does not contain metal.
  • It does not harm the tooth structure. It is compatible with the tooth structure.
  • It gives a natural result as it transmits light.
  • It does not cause tooth sensitivity.
  • There are many color options to adjust the natural tooth color of the person.
  • It prevents tartar formation due to its slippery structure.

What is Implant Treatment?

Artificial tooth roots placed in the jawbone are called implant treatment. It is used in the treatment of missing teeth. With artificial tooth roots, the patient can use all chewing functions comfortably, while the mouth structure gains an aesthetic appearance. This procedure, which is applied with local anesthesia, takes an average of 1 hour. An artificial tooth root is placed in the jawbone. After a certain time, it integrates with the bone and provides a comfortable use.

In Which Situations Is Dental Implant Applied?

The situations in which this treatment, which is frequently used in dental treatments, is suitable are as follows:

  • For patients who experience tooth loss after health problems such as osteoporosis, using implants increases the strength and retention of the prosthesis.
  • It is used for loss of posterior teeth and molars.
  • It can increase the durability of bridges with artificial tooth root after bridge treatment.
  • It is applied after tooth loss in cases such as caries, trauma and accident.

Is There Pain During Implant Application?

One of the curious parts is whether there is any pain or pain during the implant treatment. A hole made in the tooth bone and an artificial tooth root placed may seem like a treatment method that can cause pain. However, on the contrary, there is no pain or pain during the application. The nerve tissue in the bones is very less and is not as painful as it is thought.


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