How to Do DHI Technique

How to Do DHI Technique

How to Do DHI Technique

One of the most performed operations in recent years is hair transplantation. DHI technique is one of these processes.

People can even guess the other person’s perspective on life based on their hair. Hair is a factor that completes the external image. Therefore, people can be sensitive in this regard. When going to a place, it takes hours of shaping. Some people even believe that their day will be bad because they have bad hair. If she has to meet someone very important to her, she takes extra care for her hair. But this may not be the case for some people.

Hair sometimes sheds due to its structure. This is seen less in some people and more in some people. Shedding causes sparseness after a while. This condition in the hair causes many problems in the person. The person restricts himself from many social environments. Therefore, it needs hair transplantation.

What is DHI Technique?

It is also called direct hair transplantation or pen technique. Hair is not shaved during this process. The purpose of this process is to give a natural and dense hair appearance to the areas where the hair is sparse without damaging the existing hair. Firstly, both the area to be transplanted and the donor area are photographed with a high-pixel camera. Then, this image is analyzed from the computer. At the end of the analysis, the hair type of the person, the rate of shedding, the density of the area to be transplanted and finally the amount of root that can be taken are determined.

Specially produced pen is used in DHI hair transplantation. Choi is the most important tool of the process. The hair follicles taken with the help of this pen are placed on the scalp without the need for any incision or channel opening on the skin. The roots taken during planting are placed in this pen and the planting process is carried out without waiting.

The DHI technique is a very effective method for people looking for a natural-looking hair transplant method. You will not experience hair loss after this procedure. The transplanted hair stays with you for life. In addition, according to experts, hair transplantation is not correct for people under the age of 22. The reason for this is that the shape of the hair loss is not fully settled yet. It is said that this procedure should be done for 22 years old and over.

Things to Consider Before Hair Transplant

  • Stop smoking or reduce smoking, even for a short time, 1 week before hair transplantation. The reason for this is that the healing process slows down due to the substances in cigarettes.
  • Likewise, stop consuming alcohol 1 week before the operation.
  • You should not consume coffee and beverages and foods containing caffeine.
  • Stop consuming green tea 1 week before hair transplantation.
  • If you have a chronic or acute illness such as diabetes, blood pressure and heart, inform the doctor who will perform the procedure about the medications you are using.
  • Stop using blood thinners such as aspirin, coumadin, Heparin 1 week before the procedure. There may be an increase in bleeding during the procedure due to these drugs.
  • Stop applying chemical lotion or medication to your hair and scalp 1 month in advance, as your scalp will be treated directly.
  • Wash your hair before coming to the hospital on the day of the procedure. Do not use hairspray or gel-like products.
  • If your hair transplant is in the morning, make sure to have breakfast. If it’s afternoon, have a light lunch.
  • Choose clothes that you can comfortably wear and take off. The clothes you wear after the operation may rub against your head and damage the transplanted area. Therefore, you can wear clothes such as shirts, which are easier to put on and take off.
  • Try not to drive immediately after the DHI procedure. If you are coming with your car, make sure to bring someone to accompany you.

Possible Complications

  • Bleeding
  • Scar
  • Pain
  • Infection in the hair follicles
  • Sparse appearance around the donor

Post-Process Points to Consider

  • While sleeping at night, make sure that the treated area does not come into contact with the pillow and quilt.
  • The patient can start sports with light cardio at the 3rd month after hair transplantation.
  • If the patient is an athlete, he can do heavy cardio after the 4th month.
  • After the 6th month, weight training can begin.
  • Your first hair wash will be done after a minimum of 24 hours after the procedure.

DHI Technique Advantages

Advantages of DHI hair transplant procedure explained by experts:In order for hair transplantation to occur in a healthy way, the tissue taken from the hair root should not be left outside for a long time. Although it is not scientifically explained, the less time it is left out, the more likely it is that the grafts will retain.The cut area is smaller due to the Choi pencil. The probability of bleeding decreases proportionally to this situation.Since the recovery period is short, the person returns to his daily life faster.There is no need to shave the hair during hair transplantation.Only the region used as a donor is shortened. Therefore, women can also have this procedure done with peace of mind.Hair that is not shortened during transplantation is not damaged in any way during the process.Tissue damage from the procedure is minimal. Wounds, crusts and redness caused by the procedure heal in almost 7-10 days.It is a non-risky procedure as there is less tissue trauma for people who experience excessive bleeding.People with incomplete hair loss can use this technique. This is because only the necessary part is processed.Since the grafts taken are not kept for a long time, deaths in the root are out of the question.Rooting and rooting are done at the same time. This shortens the process time.After the process, it stands more smoothly as symmetry.The placement direction of the transplanted hair should be determined correctly.There is no possibility of scarring on the scalp after the procedure.

DHI Technique Disadvantages

Since the procedure contains very fine details, it must be performed by a specialist physician or team.Doctors who will use this procedure must successfully undergo a long-term training.Based on the equipment used, it is a more costly option than other methods.The team or doctor who will perform the procedure should be very careful.They work directly on the area to be planted. Therefore, it is important that people are experienced. Otherwise, there is a possibility of damaging other hair follicles.

Differences Between DHI and FUE

The most important difference between the FUE technique and the DHI technique is that the application methods are different.In the DHI technique, approximately 4000-4500 grafts are transplanted in one session. In FUE technique, this figure is 5500-6000 maximum.Contrary to the FUE technique, the healing process progresses faster in the DHI technique. However, there is less bleeding during the healing process.DHI technique is more ideal if a more frequent planting process is in question. However, if the area to be transplanted is larger, the FUE technique is preferred.In the DHI technique, the entire hair is not shaved. Shaving only on the donor area is sufficient. In the FUE technique, the entire hair is shaved.The cost of the FUE procedure is more affordable. In DHI technique, high cost equipment is used. In addition, the process is done with a more crowded team.DHI technique is also a process that can take a long time depending on the case. However, the FUE technique takes approximately 7-9 hours.

Hair Transplant Prices

A very high success rate is achieved with the DHI technique. In this process, high quality and high cost equipment such as Choi pen and such are used. In order not to damage the hair follicles, the roots are applied to the scalp simultaneously. For this reason, the medical team involved in this operation consists of almost 4 people. When we consider all these, there is a more costly pricing compared to other methods.


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DHI Tekniği Nasıl Yapılır?

How to Do DHI Technique

How to Do DHI Technique One of the most performed operations in recent years is hair transplantation. DHI technique is one of these processes. People

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