If My Hair Has Been Lost In A Certain Area Of My Head, How Is It Possible For The Transplanted Hair Not To Fall Out?

If My Hair Has Been Lost In A Certain Area Of My Head, How Is It Possible For The Transplanted Hair Not To Fall Out?

If My Hair Has Been Lost In A Certain Area Of My Head, How Is It Possible For The Transplanted Hair Not To Fall Out?

Many people may have many problems, but the biggest apparent problem that can be seen is baldness. There is only one thing that those who are in trouble with hair loss and who are thinking of having a hair transplant wonder about. How is it possible for the transplanted hair not to fall out? So, while the hair on the temples and nape remains, the forehead and crown area may remain bald. If there is a problem in the spilled area of ​​my head, many people worry about whether I will lose the transplanted hair. Here comes the other critical question: Does hair loss continue after hair transplantation?

Bring Back the Lost Happiness with Hair Transplant

Before answering all these questions, it is useful to know some important things about hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a method that has been studied and applied for nearly a century. Therefore, it has been tried on many people and has achieved successful results.In addition, medicine has developed incredibly in hair transplantation. Technology, devices and the increasing experience of physicians have produced extraordinary results in hair transplantation. At this point, many people have regained their lost happiness and even self-confidence with hair transplant.

Because all the concerns mentioned above are being resolved quickly by the developing sector. Now, it has become possible for the transplanted hair not to fall out and happy people have started a new life with their hair.

The Most Appropriate Place is Selected for the Healthiest Transplant

Although it is called hair transplantation, the procedure performed today is actually a hair transference. It is performed by specialist physicians. In the process, the specialist selects the most suitable area for hair transfer and determines it as a donor. Then, healthy hair follicles taken from this area are transferred to the missing place. This is a very labor intensive process.

At this point, the concerns come to an end and the questions that are sought for answers are also answered. Because the answers are hidden in the formula. The hair in the nape and temple area of ​​the head does not fall out, even with age, if there is no other discomfort. The reason for this is the difference between the hormones in the forehead and the crown region and the hormones in the temple and neck region.

The aim of the specialist physician is to make the right choice so that the transplanted hair does not fall out. If the nape area is determined as a donor, the hair taken from here is transplanted to the missing areas one by one. Likewise, the leg or chest region can be selected as a donor. This is decided by the specialist physician, analysis, test results and experience.

Fertile Saplings of The Barren Soil

The expertise of the physician should be trusted, because he will make the right decision. You may be worried that if a certain area of ​​my hair has fallen out, will the transplanted hair fall out too? However, in today’s hair transplants, very healthy applications are made. Of course, retaining the transplanted hair depends on following the recommendations. However, the point of medicine should not be forgotten.

Imagine that the balding area of ​​your head is a field. Imagine that you could not plant anything in this barren field. But one day they recommend you a supplement. Thanks to its strong root, this crop makes the soil it enters fertile and can grow healthily. In this case, instead of working to make the soil fertile, it is more plausible to plant fertile seeds.

Hair transplant specialists do the same. They choose nape or chest hair with different hormones as donors and plant these seedlings one by one in the barren soil. In this case, it is possible that the transplanted hair will not fall out. Because even though the soil is barren, the seed sown is very healthy.

How Long Does It Take to Have Healthy Hair?

Nothing in medicine is 100%. Even if technology and medicine are advanced, even if the experience and expertise of the physician is excellent, the biggest task falls to you. The fact that the transplanted hair does not fall out is fundamentally dependent on adhering to the recommendations. Those who are considering a hair transplant should first understand that this process takes a long time.

Here again we can use the metaphor of the field. In order for the planted plant to be healthy, it needs to be well rooted and well cared for. The same is effective for hair. Shock shedding is seen 3-4 weeks after surgical transplantation. This is a natural process. Because the surgical treatment of the scalp is one of the reasons for this shedding. Then the new hair starts to come out gradually. This process may take 1 or 2 years.

Does the transplanted hair adapt to its new place immediately?

In some cases, it is of course not possible for the transplanted hair not to fall out. The method should also be suitable for the person. The goal is to reach the right results with the right analysis. As an answer to the question; The adaptation of a hair taken from the nape to the place where it is transplanted is related to hormones.

Especially the DHT hormone produced by men with testosterone can also be effective in newly planted hair. It should be calculated that the existing hair may be lost due to this hormone. This calculation is made by the best specialist physician. Hair design should be done according to the risk of loss. If this is not done according to the risk, undesirable results may occur.

Your Hair Type Is Important For The Right Result

Here, the experience of the specialist physician is very important. With the right analyzes and the right application, it is ensured that the transplanted hair does not fall out. On the contrary, hair can grow healthily in its new places and restore happiness. However, patience will be your biggest support here.

Hair type is also important in hair transplantation. It has been observed that curly hair grows faster and straight hair grows slower in the applications. Therefore, achieving good results is also related to your hair type. In addition, in this process, it will be your greatest help to stick with the specialist doctor’s advices

What should be done after hair transplantation?

 It is the most important key to take good care of the transplanted area so that the transplanted hair does not fall out. For this, you should stay away from shapers such as jelly. Apart from this, hair dye also damages the transplanted hair. You should also remove the hair dryer from your life. Because it damages the hair follicles.

It is the healthiest way to get advice from a specialist doctor about choosing a shampoo. Because the transplanted hair does not shed depends on its care. If we compare your hair to a plant, remember that you cannot give every fertilizer to every plant. Your doctor will definitely recommend additional nutrients to nourish your hair. Using these nutrients will make your new hair healthier.

Nutrition in this process is also very important. It is not enough to just choose foods that will nourish your hair. In this process, you should not consume foods that will harm your skin and cause acne formation.

Meal Plan After Hair Transplantation: What to Eat?

After the transplant, you can nourish your hair with the foods you consume. The password for this is zinc. Zinc is effective in providing the nutrients that the hair will need. Foods that are good for both your body and your hair, such as spinach, red meat, pumpkin seeds, garlic, are important to prevent the transplanted hair from falling out. You can also nourish your hair externally with the vitamin supplements you will take with the advice of your doctor.

If you are on your way to achieve the life you dream of with a long research and to have a hair transplant, there are issues you should pay attention to. Achieving a good result, of course, is to make a healthy transplant and to use it for a lifetime. This is possible by not losing the transplanted hair. You can achieve this by patiently walking on this path by getting expert support and believing.


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