Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery


In addition to being a vitally important functional organ for humans, the nose is the place where aesthetic concerns are most common in our body. In a survey, various procedures can be performed for the nose, which is the part of the body that people want to change the most. We decide on our nose surgeries together with our patient by conducting a free online consultation by our operators, whose expertise is Otolaryngology or Aesthetic Surgery. Each patient’s demands and nose lines are different. In addition, the recommendation of our doctor is also being evaluated. In the end, the most suitable operation is chosen due to the facial anatomy and eliminating the patient’s aesthetic concerns. In cases that require surgery due to various health problems, it can also be shaped in line with the patient’s request. Postoperative recovery takes place in a short time and this operation satisfaction rates of patients are very high.

Especially in the following years, the most obvious places of wrinkles are the face and neck region. As a result of the decrease in fat tissue in the face and neck region or the loss of age-related firmness, dissatisfaction of the people begins. There are some operations where we can fix this permanently. Some temporary or permanent treatments can be applied, taking into account the person’s age, preference and the advice of our physician. These operations include all face lift and neck lift surgeries as well as subcutaneous injections.

Factors such as sun rays, malnutrition, hormonal changes cause the formation of wrinkles over time on the forehead, eyebrows and around the eyes. These wrinkles can cause a person to look sleepless and tired. In order to prevent this appearance at the desired level, minor touches can be made as well as major surgical methods.

As we get older, we lose some of the fat tissues on the face, which makes our face look more bony and unaesthetic. Liposuction is used for facial fat injection. It is usually taken from the fat in the waist and hip region of the person and injected into the desired area. This is a very safe method as it is done using the person’s own fat. However, since the fat is absorbed by the body over time, it is not used as a permanent method


Breast augmentation is one of the areas where women experience the most aesthetic concerns. This surgery can be performed when the breasts are very small, or it can be preferred in cases of disproportion. Breast augmentation with implants is one of the preferred operations to remove sagging after breastfeeding. Today, breast augmentation is possible not only with implants but also with fat injection. In such a case, we see that the fat taken from the waist or hip region of the patient is injected into the breast. However, in patients who apply to us, we ensure patient satisfaction by taking into account the request of the patient and the suggestion of our physician.

It is very normal for women with structurally large breasts to have sagging after breastfeeding. However, when this turns into an aesthetic problem, patients apply for breast reduction surgery. In addition, breasts that are structurally too large for the person’s body may cause some complaints in the person. In such patients, back pain, low back pain, neck pain and some posture disorders can be seen. After the examination of our physician, the operation is decided and some of the fat tissues in the breast are removed. While doing this, physicians take care not to damage the milk ducts, thinking that the patient may want to have a baby in the future.

Mastopexy is also a method used for the treatment of sagging breasts after breastfeeding and sagging breasts due to weight loss. In cases where this surgery is deemed necessary, the physician can recommend it or the patient can request this procedure themselves. Depending on the breast structure of the person, only mastopexy, that is, breast lift, or an additional breast implant to mastopexy may be recommended. During this consultation, it is determined by a joint decision taken in line with the patient’s request and the physician’s recommendation.

Gynecomastia is the breast size largeness  seen in men and this problem is solved by gynecomastia surgery. This could be for a variety of reasons. Hormonal disorders may have causes, such as drugs used in some cancer treatments. The cause must be investigated before the operation. Sometimes breast size is seen in overweight patients, but this is called false gynecomastia because it goes away with weight loss. Depending on the cause, the type and process of surgery are determined by the recommendation of the physician.


One of the most important elements women want to have on their body is a slim waist. After people have lost their extra weight, this situation may cause deformation in some areas of the body, and this is one of the situations where waist reduction surgery is requested. During this operation, tummy tuck is applied to the area between the pubic area and the rib of the patient while they are under general anesthesia. One of the most important issues during the operation is not removing a rib from the patient. Extra fat and skin layer can be removed from the patient’s stomach area when it is necessary.

This operation is mostly done for renovation of the dropping skin layer that occurs on hypogastric region. Depending on the condition of the person that will have the surgery, the operation can be processed either on the whole tummy or partially. It is generally preferred by patients who have given birth or persons who went through serious weight loss. At this point, tummy tuck is a very successful operation. The most important thing to keep in mind here that, tummy tuck is not a way to lose weight; this is an aesthetic procedure to fix your damaged area after a serious weight loss.

Liposuction is a word that combined with lipo and suction in other words, removing the excess fat from the body with the assist of a vacuum by using the operation-special needle-like tubes. If desired, fat removed from the body can be injected again to a different place. Liposuction process can be applied anywhere of the body. Women generally prefer the belly, the basin region and the legs, while men prefer the belt area and the chest. One of the important points must be explained to the person who will has the surgery that the operation will be done to help the weight loss, not to remove excessive weights. It is also a recommended method to remove the deformed skin after the operation with an extra operation. After or during the liposuction operation, the recommended supportive operation is tummy tuck that we mentioned above.  After determining the conditions and requirements of the person to have the surgery, one or many of these operations can be performed combined.


One of the most attentional parts in the woman’s body are the beautifully shaped hips. In the present-day, majority of women usually desire professionally shaped, lifted and smooth hips. Men also demand to have smooth and lifted butt as well as the women. This operation is being performed on need or demand apart from the gender. 


Butt aesthetic operation being decided depending on the want and need of the patient. Butt implant, tightening the butt, butt lift and reduction are these operations. Fat tissue is taken from the person to increase the volume in the butt, this tissue is condensed and injected again to the butt. If the result is insufficient, a silicone prosthesis may be placed.

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