Technique FUE Sapphire vs FUE Traditional

Technique FUE Sapphire vs FUE Traditional

Technique FUE Sapphire vs FUE Traditional

The FUE SAPPHIRE method is an innovation in the transplantation area in which the blades of the channel opening phase that were traditionally made of steel have been replaced by blades of a precious stone called sapphire.

These new sapphire blades are designed to minimize the formation of scabs during the postoperative period and accelerate the recovery process through the opening of smaller microchannels in the receptor area, as can be seen in the simulation images.

Channel opening is considered the most important process to achieve a successful operation, as it is the step that defines the density, angle and direction of hair growth.

In the following, we will describe the advantages of the SAPPHIRE FUE Technique compared to the traditional FUE technique:


  • It has a smooth surface with antibacterial properties, a millimeter-sharp design, minimizes vibration when opening the canal, therefore the risk of complications such as trauma or damage to the scalp tissue is considerably reduced, being a less incisive procedure .
  • Compared to steel blades, the FUE method performed with sapphire blades allows a transplant with which a higher density can be obtained and therefore an even more natural result.
  • Compared to steel blades, sapphire blades allow a smaller amount of a solution to be injected to lift the skin before incisions are made. So fluid retention after surgery will be reduced having a more comfortable postoperative period.
  • By having smaller incisions, the recovery and healing of the tissue will be faster compared to the use of steel blades


Over the last few years, the area of ​​hair transplantation has undergone different innovations reaching the necessary transformation to finally achieve excellent results, such as the FUE technique using these new sapphire blades.


The Sapphire FUE technique from Med-Unico offers natural and successful results, for more information you can contact our hotline


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