What is E-Max Laminated Dental Coating?

What is E-Max Laminated Dental Coating?

What is E-Max Laminated Dental Coating?

E-max laminated dental coating is a coating applied by specialist physicians to give a natural-looking smile to their patients. In this process, special ceramics are used for patients. The e-max, which gives its name to  the coating, is different from all other coating ceramics. Combining strength or robustness with beauty, the e-max laminating process is metal-free. And because it doesn’t contain metal, the teeth shine perfectly in sunlight.

What is E-Max?

E-max is the main material of laminated dental coating itself. It has a very good level of light transmittance. It falls into the category of ceramic or glass ceramics. This material is made of a material called lithium disilicate. In addition to passing light very well, it is very robust or durable. These coatings are the most preferred material with the 21st century and a material that specialist dental technicians will not hesitate to apply to their patients. This material, which is quite high-level, is also a crown covering material.

In the adventure of E-maxlaminated tooth coating, this material is pressed in the product content. Lithium disilicate ceramic, with its pressed texture, reduces light transmittance and increases transparency. In this way, gopens the door to a self-receptive smile. Of course, there are zirconium components in the pressed material. These components can withstand pressure or press up to 360-1000 Mpa. This feature explains why zirconium is permanently preferred by dentists.

E-Max Laminated in Dental Veneer

Laminated is one of the porcelain caps preferred in all dental coatings. E-max laminated tooth coating  is also preferred for laminated tooth coating. This material carries the color or tone of the teeth to a separate dimension. With this form or color, enormous smiles do not remain in dreams. A very stylish or aesthetic appearance is provided by the laminating process.

These laminates come to the front of the teeth. The tooth sticks on the front surface. Special adhesives are used in this process. The laminate, which adheres to the front tooth, does not fall out at all. Its subtle appearance and shape also do not bother the person who is laminated. Before the lamination process, dentists or specialists produced only from porcelain and fell into an aesthetic concern on the front teeth. But these porcelains were quite flimsy or fragile, and the foundations of e-max laminated dental veneer were laid here. For this, experts began to look for a new material. Eventually, they developed pressable glass ceramics.

This lamination process takes place with an action called IPS Press. Porcelain on glass ceramics is pressed in this action. At the end, it comes up with a durable, near-natural appearance. It is a fairly long-lasting coating. This is provided by lithium disilicate. As a result, you will have a solid, smooth, aesthetic and very shiny tooth.

Why is E-Max Laminated Dental Coating Applied?

Men or women who want to have a natural look can consider the e-max laminated tooth coating option. In the same way, individuals who want healthy teeth can also prefer these coatings. You don’t need an extra reason to opt for the E-m ax coating. If you want to with aesthetic concerns, you can see this process on your teeth. But for some individuals, the e-max laminating process may become a necessity. In general, these necessities are damage or structural defects in the teeth  . The e-max process is a priority for these individuals.

E-Max Laminated  in Yellowed Teeth

The most common complaint to dentists is yellowed teeth. Teeth may turn yellow as a result of unhealthy or irregular nutrition. E-max laminated dental coating eliminates this yellowing and becomes the precursor of a great smile. Alcohol and smoking are one of the most important elements that trigger yellowing of the teeth. But an unhealthy diet also turns yellow. Therefore, e-max treatment is performed on yellowed teeth. With this coating process, your yellowed teeth will be replaced by teeth that host a shiny and smooth appearance. Of course, we should underline here that it does not give the same results in every patient.

E-Max Laminated in Crooked  Teeth

In addition to yellowed teeth, e-max laminated tooth coating can be preferred in crooked teeth  . These non-aesthetic looking  teeth will prepare the ground for the teeth that best reflect the e-max quality. Removes the shape or shape of the tooth. He then performs a touch-up to the front area to restore it. Then the female designs it according to the structure of the mouth. A perfect dental procedure welcomes you at the end.

Root Canal Treatment E-Max Laminated

I think this title is the most curious topic. The tooth or teeth that come out of the root canal treatment are very sensitive. As a result of this sensitive structure, the tooth is broken very easily. Both an unaesthetic appearance and an unhealthy tooth structure emerge. E-max laminated dental coating eliminates these negativities and strengthens your tooth with root canal treatment. In doing so, it supports the appearance of teeth. Weak teeth meet the individual in a very solid structure at the end of the procedure. It also comes with a great smile.

E-Max Laminated  in Broken Teeth

Broken teeth are continuously treated with e-max Lamination. Fracture of the teeth can be attributed to one or more reasons. But the biggest reason is the fractures that depend on violence. A trauma of very high severity simply breaks your tooth. In order to prevent this situation or to catch the aesthetics in the teeth after breakage, e-max laminated tooth coating is performed within the scope of specialist physicians.

Dental Preferences in E-Max Laminated Dental Coatingi

Questions are directed to the patient before the coating is passed. One of these questions is which tooth is preferred. The data or reports show us that the most preferred tooth is definitely the front teeth. However, it does not escape our eyes that this procedure is also performed on the back teeth. The reason why the front teeth are so preferred is, of course, the aesthetic appearance. When men and women smile, the front teeth catch the eye first. The front teeth are the first element that catches our eye. For this, e-max laminated dental coating is applied to the front teeth at most.

E-Max Laminated Dental Coating Advantages and Disadvantages

This coating, like other coatings, has a certain advantage or disadvantage. By specifying these advantages and disadvantages to you, you can use your e-max lamine dental coating preference in a healthier way.

Advantages of E-Max Laminated Dental Veneer

  • It provides a very natural appearance, never to notice that it is a prosthesis.
  • It gives a very strong appearance aesthetically.
  • It is the most preferred and most successful dental coating.
  • It is a very healthy procedure.
  • It is highly resistant to abrasion, impact or liquid absorption. It has been reported to give better results than many of its examples.
  • Deformations disappear very easily, color changes are also a very easy process for  e-max laminated tooth coating.
  • After the coating, you will get a younger or dynamic appearance.
  • Small touch-ups are made to the front teeth, this correction eliminates the disproportion in the teeth.
  • If there are gaps in your tooth, those gaps are closed thanks to the coating.

E-Max Laminated Dental Coating Disadvantages

  • The price is higher than their variant or other coatings.
  • It is highly resistant to chewing, but if the back teeth are too attached to this stress, it damages the teeth. Otherwise, its hard structure will allow breaks.
  • It is important to find  a specialist doccupational physician. Physicians who do not have knowledge of E-max laminated dental coating can frustrate their patients with bad results.

You can also achieve an impressive smile thanks to this process. Of course, you must undergo a thorough examination with your specialist doctor beforehand.


What is E-Max Laminated Dental Coating?

What is E-Max Laminated Dental Coating? E-max laminated dental coating is a coating applied by specialist physicians to give a natural-looking smile to their patients.


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